Workshop: Worldbuilding for the Curious with Avi Silver

26sep4:00 pm5:00 pmWorkshop: Worldbuilding for the Curious with Avi SilverAvi Silver

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Join author Avi Silver as they lead the class through exploring what lines of questioning can help create a richer worldbuilding experience. This includes expanding on tropes and traditions, considering “background” information, and finding joy in running logistics! During this workshop, you will be encouraged to share a worldbuilding aspect of either: a) your own fiction project or b) your favourite SFF media, and the class will come together to ask generative questions about it—with no expectation of the creator to answer them.

Attendees will leave considering their project in a new light, and feeling empowered to keep working on their story with excitement and a growth mindset.

Books featured:

Three Seeking Stars
Molewhale Press

Sohmeng Minhal is going to fix the world.

With her home still in jeopardy, she doesn’t have much choice. What she does have is Ahnschen, an endearing prince of the dangerous empire that is disrupting the sãoni migration route. If she can convince Hei to trust him long enough to safely return him to his people, Sohmeng might just have a chance of restoring balance to Eiji. That is, until an unexpected piece of her past emerges from the jungle and challenges everything she is trying to achieve.

Now, the future of Eiji rests in Ahn’s hands—but does he have the courage to face the harm inflicted by his people? Determined to do right by the beloved friend who died on his sword, it will take a lot of unlearning to prove to Eiji—and to Hei—that he can, in fact, be good.

In the second chapter of the Sãoni Cycle, Sohmeng, Hei, and Ahn must reconcile their places in the human and natural worlds, all while navigating their complicated feelings about one another.


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(Sunday) 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm