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27may11:00 am12:00 pmWattpad Romance SpotlightWith Loridee De Villa, Nicole Nwosu, Romi Moondi, and Katie Wicks

Speakers for this event

  • Katie Wicks

    Katie Wicks


    Katie Wicks was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, where she now lives and writes full time. An amateur guitar and tennis player, Katie has been obsessed with reality TV singing competitions since American Idol debuted twenty-years ago, but has never worked up the courage to audition herself. Hazel Fine Sings Along is Katie’s debut novel.

    URL https://catherinemckenzie.com/katie-wicks/


  • Loridee De Villa

    Loridee De Villa


    Loridee De Villa is the author of How to Be the Best Third Wheel, her debut novel. When she’s not writing, Loridee spends her days procrastinating on everything possible, while balancing courses at the University of Toronto. Loridee currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is pursuing a career in health sciences.

    URL TikTok: @lori.de.villa


  • Nicole Nwosu

    Nicole Nwosu


    Nicole Nwosu is a Nigerian-Canadian young adult author from Toronto, Canada. She has been writing online since she was 14 years old before her first novel, The Bad Boy and the Tomboy, was published when she was 20. Hitting the Crossbar, the sequel is her most recent release. 

    URL https://www.nicolenwosu.com


  • Romi Moondi

    Romi Moondi


    Romi Moondi is a Canadian author of romantic comedies. Her 2022 diverse romantic comedy, 24 Hours in Paris, received a Publishers Weekly starred review and was the Publishers Weekly 2022 #1 Summer Romance Read. 24 Hours in Italy, the follow up to 24 Hours in Paris, will be released on July 18th, 2023.

    URL https://www.romimoondi.com


Event Details

Highschool flings, European getaways, soccer teams and singing competitions – you can find love anywhere! Join these Wattpad authors as they reflect on writing stories worth swooning over.

How to Be The Best Third Wheel by Loridee De Villa
Wattpad Books

After a summer spent in the Philippines, Lara Dela Cruz is eager to start her senior year and, most importantly, reunite with her three besties. But what she did not expect was to show up on the first day of school to all three of her friends now in relationships. Fighting for their attention, catching some new and confusing feelings for long-time frenemy James, and wading through the pressures of post-high-school plans all have Lara reeling. And to make matters worse, Lara’s beautiful and untrustworthy cousin conveniently appears and wiggles her way right between her and James’ budding relationship. Feeling like a third wheel in more ways than one, Lara must learn to accept that change is inevitable, love is complicated, and being the odd one out is sometimes where inner power is found.

Hitting the Crossbar: A Bad Boy & The Tomboy Romance by Nicole Nwosu
Wattpad Books

Macy Anderson and Sam Cahill are embarking on a new adventure, attending university on soccer scholarships while figuring out what comes next for them both.

Macy’s life has always been her group of friends—specifically Jasmine and Andrew—but now they’re all split up. Macy’s worried that the world that she’s always known, that has helped her become the person she is now, is over, and she’s discovering that facing the adult world of college and dating and friendships growing apart is harder than she thought it would be.

Sam is also finding it hard to adjust to this new phase of life. There are the pressures of university, other people, and secrets from his past he wants to keep hidden from Macy, all putting a strain on their relationship.

As Macy and Sam begin to tackle their decisions, Macy realizes she will have to answer the question: is their relationship worth fighting for or is it game over?

24 Hours in Paris by Romi Moondi
W by Wattpad Books

After calling off her engagement, Mira escapes on an all-expense paid business trip to Paris. Despite the delicious food and flowing wine, she can’t forget the ache of leaving her fiancé behind or the fact that she’s just blown up her personal life. And messing up simply isn’t Mira.

She’s used to being in control. Meticulously planning. But now she’s at the mercy of the travel gods, and they are not acting in her favor. Subways are missed. Trains don’t run. Flights are overbooked. And by the time she arrives at the airport to go home, there are no new flights to NYC until the next day. The worst part? She’s now stuck in Paris for twenty-four hours with her arrogant and insufferable co-worker Jake whose constant flirting and annoying optimism is more than she can handle.

But as they spend the next twenty-four hours in Paris, exploring the city in all its beauty, Mira realizes that she and Jake have more in common than they thought, and he may turn out to be the best thing she discovers in the City of Love.

Hazel Fine Sings Along by Katie Wicks
W by Wattpad Books

As Hazel Fine steps out of her crummy hotel room into the bright LA sunshine, she knows she’s got one, and only one, chance. Her audition for the massive talent show, The Sing Along, could change her life forever. She has the skills, what she needs now is a bit of luck.

Soon Hazel finds herself alongside fifteen other contestants who all have the same dream: superstardom. There’s the beautiful Hollywood golden child, Bella. The bright, bubbly country singer, Zoey. The extraordinarily handsome surfer/influencer, Benji. And Hazel, who has more to hide than her past. She’s got the chops, but can she handle the pressure without self-combusting?

Add in an undeniable attraction to the show’s talented yet brooding musical director, Nick, and the lecherous tactics of one of the judges, Hazel soon finds herself in over her head. But with her guitar strapped to her shoulder, she’s going to sing her heart out―and maybe open herself up to love at the same time. Who says you can’t have it all . . .


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