Feast on Fantasy

12jun4:00 pm5:00 pmFeast on FantasyWith Sifton Tracey Anipare, Gord Grisenthwaite, and Sang Kim. Moderated by Ursula Pflug

Speakers for this event

  • Ursula Pflug

    Ursula Pflug


    Ursula Pflug is author of the novels Green Music, The Alphabet Stones, Motion Sickness (a flash novel illustrated by SK Dyment); the novellas Mountain and Down From, and the story collections After the Fires, Harvesting the Moon and Seeds and Other Stories. Her books and short fiction have appeared internationally, and she has been a finalist for the Aurora, ReLit, 3 Day Novel and other awards. 

    URL https://ursulapflug.ca/


Event Details

Sink your teeth into these epic fictional feasts with special guests sharing stories that blend food and fantasy.

Sifton Tracey Anipare

Cybelle teaches English in a small city in Japan. Her contract is up for renewal, her mother is begging her to come back to Canada, and she is not sure where she belongs anymore. She faces ostracism and fear daily, but she loves her job, despite its increasing difficulties. She vows to do her best — even when her sleep, appetite, and life in general start to get weird, and conforming to the rules that once helped her becomes a struggle.

Meanwhile, yokai feast and cavort around Osaka and Kyoto as the barrier between their world and the human world thins. Zaniel spends his nights walking the dream world and serving his demon “bodyguard,” Akki. But there is a new yokai on the scene, and it has gotten on Akki’s bad side. When Cybelle gets caught up in the supernatural clash, she has to figure out what is real and, more importantly, what she really wants … before her life spirals out of control altogether.

Food of My People
Candas Jane Dorsey and Ursula Pflug

Eating is a symbolic and magical act, a transformation, a covenant, a ritual, a comfort, a necessity.

Food is often integral to the magic, the meetings, the processes of fantastic fiction: from myth and legend to high fantasy, from hard-science-fiction to post-modern magic realism. And whether in Hansel and Gretel or Soylent Green, the myth of Persephone or 2001, Alice in Wonderland or Alien, food-themed stories offer a mixed menu of good and evil, light and darkness.

In this versatile collection, Candas Jane Dorsey and Ursula Pflug – both award-winning senior writers of literary speculation – have gathered a delectable buffet of genre writing that explores our attraction to the candy coating and our fascination with the poisoned apple.