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Like us, you’re probably missing the buzz of an in-person WOTS marketplace—the bright tents, the excited chatter about stories, the sense of discovery in the air.

That’s why we’ve reimagined The Word On The Street’s marketplace for the virtual space.

This year, you can browse the finest Canadian & Indigenous publishers, bookstores, magazines, and arts organizations all year long. No waiting ’til September for a virtual marketplace—discover great deals & conversations from WOTS exhibitors every week in your inbox!

What's On This Week: Earth Week!

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ECW Press is an independent trade publisher with over 40 years of history. They have a diverse, vibrant, and completely unique catalogue that includes poetry and literary fiction, genre fiction, pop culture, political analysis, sports books, and biographies. ECW books have received many accolades over the years, consistently winning major literary awards and garnering starred reviews.

ECW has evolved over the years and the acronym has stood for many things: endless cat whiskers, eating cheese at work, epic competitive wrestling. But for the most part, they like to say that the three letters of the name each represent a particular strain of ECW Press’s diverse passions — Entertainment, Culture, and Writing. 

In honour of Earth Week and Word on the Street Toronto, they’re featuring their environmental titles and some that show Toronto love. 

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Have you ever wondered where your water comes from, what happens when you flush the toilet, and where all that rainwater goes? Let’s find out from an expert!

Mariko Uda (Ph.D. Civil Engineering)’s debut all-ages picture book Where does it all come from? Where does it all go? Toronto’s water, energy & waste systems answers these questions and more in a simple and delightful way. During lockdown, it’s the perfect book for families to discover their local infrastructure and connections together.

Join us for a talk with Mariko on Earth Day (April 22nd) to discuss how you can become more connected to the environment that supports us each and every day.

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