Festival Weekend – September 26-27

september, 2020

26sep10:00 am10:45 amVirtual EventThe Future is Now!Karoline Georges, SD Chrostowska, Nina Laurin, Moderator: GMB Chomichuk10:00 am - 10:45 am EST

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Pervasive technology, shifting obsessions, automatic apocalypse – hear from Nina Laurin, Karoline Georges, S.D. Chrostowska, and GMB Chomichuk on their imaginings of future-tech and how this affects human life on earth. 

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GMB Chomichuk

GMB Chomichuk is an award-winning writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in film, television, books, comics and graphic novels. His work ranges from the heartwarming to the blood-curdling with graphic novels like Will I See? and the forthcoming Arena City and Good Boys. He is the host of the Super Pulp Science podcast.

Karoline Georges

Karoline Georges is the author of seven books, including Under the Stone (finalist for the 2012 Quebec Booksellers’ Prize). Her latest novel, The Imago Stage, has won several honors in French, including the Governor General’s Literary Award in 2018. Karoline currently lives in Montreal.

Nina Laurin

Nina Laurin studied Creative Writing at Concordia University in Montreal, where she currently lives. She speaks and reads in Russian, French, and English but writes her novels in English. She wrote her first novel while getting her writing degree, and Girl Last Seen was a bestseller a year later in 2017.

SD Chrostowska

S. D. Chrostowska is Professor of Humanities and Social & Political Thought at York University, Toronto. She is the author of Permission: A Novel; and Matches: A Light Book and co-editor of Political Uses of Utopia: New Marxist, Anarchist, and Radical Democratic Perspectives. She currently lives in Toronto.


A Woman Alone

A thrilling and intense psychological suspense from the bestselling author of Girl Last Seen. 

It’s a sunny day in Venture, Illinois, the sort of place where dreams come true and families can get a fresh start. Cecelia Holmes deserves it after the home invasion that shattered her previous life. Now everything seems perfect – her high-security SmartHome, her doting husband, her sweet daughter.

Until she begins to feel spied on. Her husband doesn’t believe her. Her neighbors ignore her. So when she discovers a shocking secret about the prior occupant of their house, she feels that she has no  one to turn to. Now Cecelia must face her fears…

AuthorNina Laurin

Automatic Age

The Automatic Age is the story of a father and son navigating an automated apocalypse.

The future was supposed to be a mechanical utopia of automats, self-driving cars, food pills, and nostalgia machines, designed to create maximum comfort and efficiency for its human inhabitants. But this automated paradise has turned into a world where robot search teams find and remove the troublesome humans that clutter it with grim efficiency.

Now Kerion and his young son, Barry, are two of the few people left behind. They must find a way not only to survive, but to reclaim their humanity.

AuthorGMB Chomichuk

The Eyelid

An unemployed, dream-prone narrator finds himself following Chevauchet, diplomat of Onirica, a foreign republic of dreams, to resist a prohibition on sleep in near-future Greater America. On a mission to combat the state-sponsored drugging of citizens with uppers for greater productivity, they traverse an eerie landscape in an everlasting autumn, able to see other people’s nightmares and dreams. As Comprehensive Illusion – a social media-like entity that hijacks creativity – overtakes the masses, Chevauchet, the old radical, weakens and disappears, leaving our narrator to take up Chevauchet’s dictum that “daydreaming is directly subversive.

AuthorSD Chrostowska

The Imago Stage

Georges offers up an alienated childhood with shifting pop culture obsessions, a woman’s awakening to the role of the image in culture, and her eventual isolation in her apartment and the world online. It is a catalogue of the anxieties of an age, from nuclear war to terrorism, climate change to biological warfare. Set in the past and not-too-distant future of Montreal, The Imago Stage is an ominous tale of oppression, suppression, and disembodiment.

AuthorKaroline Georges


(Saturday) 10:00 am - 10:45 am EST