Kitchen Bliss with Laura Calder

28may4:00 pm5:00 pmKitchen Bliss with Laura CalderWith Laura Calder & Amy Rosen

Speakers for this event

  • Amy Rosen

    Amy Rosen


    Amy Rosen is an award-winning journalist and author of seven cookbooks, including “Canada’s Best New Cookbook” (IndigoPress, 2022). As a tv presenter, Amy demonstrates recipes on Cityline and offers friendly critiques as a Food Network judge. She is also the CEO of Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns, now available across Canada. 



  • Laura Calder

    Laura Calder


    Laura Calder is the author of Kitchen Bliss: Musings on Food and Happiness with Recipes. She also wrote The Inviting Life: hosting, homemaking, and opening the door to happiness, along with four cookbooks. She also hosted the James Beard Award-winning series, French Food at Home on Food Network.



Event Details

A featured conversation between bestselling author and Laura Calder and food and travel writer Amy Rosen about Laura’s new book Kitchen Bliss.

Kitchen Bliss by Laura Calder
Simon & Schuster

During the years of the global pandemic, Laura Calder, like many home cooks, found herself being drawn into the kitchen and becoming reacquainted with the power that the room can have to restore us when the going gets tough. In Kitchen Bliss, she reflects on how and why the kitchen and the dining table have held such an important place in her life and indeed taught her about happiness.

Laura has spent her life considering the life-enhancing pleasures of food: cooking, eating, and feeding. The pandemic gave her a new sense of urgency to share what she has learned. She says, “Life isn’t always a candy shop of delights, pandemic or no pandemic. Often we find ourselves in uncomfortable places and we must learn to create sweetness for ourselves out of whatever it is we’ve got—and that sometimes can seem like nothing but a whole lot of lemons. Well, at least that’s a start! We all know where to find the lemons: in the kitchen.”

This is a delightfully entertaining book full of memories, insights, good advice, and humor that will inspire readers to get in the kitchen, tie on an apron, and discover their own form of kitchen bliss.