Breaking the Mold: Unconventional Storytelling

27may12:30 pm1:30 pmBreaking the Mold: Unconventional StorytellingWith A. Light Zachary, T. Liem, and Marjorie Beaucage

Speakers for this event

  • A. Light Zachary

    A. Light Zachary


    A. Light Zachary is the author of More Sure, a book of poems and interruptions which is now available from Arsenal Pulp Press. Light is a Lambda Literary Fellow and an editor of The Ex-Puritan. Also an autistic and queer human being, they live between Toronto and New Brunswick.



  • Marjorie Beaucage

    Marjorie Beaucage


    Marjorie Beaucage is a Two-Spirit Métis Auntie, filmmaker, art-ivist and educator, a land protector and a water walker. Born in Vassar, Manitoba, to a large Métis family, Marjorie’s life’s work has been about creating social change, possibilities and right relations. She is giving back to future art-ivists as they stand up for themselves and community through creating art, music, writing, ceremony.   Her poetic memoir, leave some for the birds was just released in May 2023.  Six short harm reduction videos “ Reducing the harms of colonization” have been recently completed to create change and healing  for the people with story medicine. SCREENINGS, RESIDENCIES, ARTIST TALKS, AWARDSMy work has been screened in bingo halls and at City Hall, from Northern Labrador to New York. Some videos are passed around the community; some are in public libraries and collections at University Film Schools and Art Departments. They have a life of their own. Some work has been screened on specialty channels—WTN, APTN, Knowledge Network, Pride Vision and Global.  It has been programmed in film festivals and gallery shows from Berlin to Edmonton, in a variety of contexts. Viewings on my Vimeo site reached over 2000 hits in 39 countries over the past year. Selected awards, screenings, residencies, and artist talks include:2021 CFMDC Superwomen series2018 Saskatchewan Arts Board Artistic Excellence Award2018  Retrospective of my work at imaginative film festival . Toronto 2018 Uber Gurlz Exhibition and Performance, Regina Public Library. 2018  Listen Witness Transmit  Keynote Speaker IMFA Conference Saskatoon.2017- 2018 Carrying It Forward,   Dunlop Art Gallery. Rodham Art Gallery,Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery (touring exhibition)1995 Re Viewing the Mosaic: Canadian Video Artists speaking through RACE, Mendel Art Gallery   1994 Self-Government Talk About It, Museum of Modern Art, NY


  • T. Liem

    T. Liem


    T. Liem is the author of Slows: Twice (Coach House 2023), and Obits. (Coach House, 2018), which was shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award, and won the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award as well as the A.M. Klein Prize. Their writing has been published in Apogee, Plenitude, The Boston Review, Grain, Maisonneuve, Catapult, The Malahat Review, The Fiddlehead, and elsewhere. They are from Alberta and live in Montreal, Tio’Tia:ke, unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territories.



Event Details

Does a story have to begin at the beginning and end at the end? Can you tell a story like a spiral staircase, or a story like leaves on a tree? Join these poets as they explore the ways nonlinear language, repetition, and interruption can reveal the truth in a tale.

More Sure by A. Light Zachary
Arsenal Pulp Press

In their stunning debut collection, A. Light Zachary draws power from a vision of life – especially queer and neurodivergent life – as a journey of continuous self-realization. These poems record the experience of locating oneself over and over again, within gender, language, family, labour, sexuality, fear, and love.

Reaching back to claim queer space in the oldest Western canon, Zachary interrupts famous quotations from ancient Greek and Roman thinkers, asking: what advice might Juvenal or Seneca have handed down to non-binary citizens? Elsewhere, in concise and fluid verses that draw from punk rock and quantum physics, they ground the work firmly in the present. Come: invade with the alien. Evade with the coyote. These poems propose a certain supremacy: in these unending journeys of discovery and alienation, “we become more sure of who we are than you.”

Slows: Twice by T. Liem
Coach House Books

This is a book of slow hours, days, and years—how they can collapse into one another, how it can feel like we are living one day repeating itself. From within this collapse, the speaker seeks connection everywhere. They visit their father’s birthplace, Jogjakarta; they listen to a stranger’s phone call at the Motel 6 in Alberta; they linger in the so-called ethnic aisle of the grocery store. From all of these places the speaker is discouraged but tries to imagine a future joyously incomprehensible to the present.

Slows: Twice is a collection of revisions and repetitions. Every poem in one half of the book has an alternate version, or a mirror poem, in the other half. Lines, words, images, and forms are reused and reflected in a kind of palindrome, so the book can be read from front cover to back cover, or vice versa. In this way, Liem considers how language shapes identity over time and how the speaker’s position in relation to language might be revised. The poems are tied to themes of work and labor, consumption and waste, family and home, as other shapers of identity and relationships. The act of revising and repeating – slowly – is meant to be a resistance to efficiency, a resistance to being an always-productive body under capitalism.

Leave Some For The Birds by Marjorie Beaucage
Kegedonce Press

From acclaimed filmmaker, artist and activist Marjorie Beaucage comes a poetic memoir that reflects on seven decades of living and seeking justice as a Two Spirit Michif woman. Poems, poetic observations and thoughtful meanderings comprise this inspirational journal-memoir-poetry collection from a woman who has dedicated her life and her talent to creating social change. Unfolding the wisdom gained from experience, leave some for the birds: movements for justice offers guidance for younger activists following the author’s trailblazing footsteps.


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