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How-to Guide for WOTS2020

Welcome to our instructions on how to get involved and engage in WOTS2020. This is a beginner’s guide to all of the elements of our virtual festival this year!

Interactions and engagement will take place via our:

  • WOTS Website (access all of the below and check out our programming schedule)
  • Livestreams on YouTube (ask questions and leave comments for our panelists in the live chat!)
  • Exhibitor Digital Soapbox (tune into our Instagram live to learn more about some of our WOTS Exhibitors!)
  • Digital Marketplace (browse all of our 2020 Exhibitors, check out organizations and make purchases!)
  • Discord Social Platform (socialize with other WOTS attendees, ask questions to Exhibitors and panelists or comment on any of our events happening)


Before engaging in any of our platforms, please read our Code of Conduct carefully. It will be assumed that by engaging in any WOTS platform, you have read our Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it for the duration of the festival.

This year, our WOTS team has organized three concurrent streams of programming through our YouTube channel. This main programming will be hosted September 26 & 27 starting at 10am EDT each day.  The three streams will consist of:

Kids & Teens Stream
This stream will feature picture books, novels, and graphic novels for readers of all age-groups, as well as the First Nation Communities READ award ceremony! 

Books & Discovery Stream
This stream is home to our classic Word On The Street programming such as author readings and interviews with many of the best 2020 releases! Debuts, bestsellers, and everyone in between. 

Ideas & Imagination Stream
This stream is designed to set your imagination into overdrive – each morning there will be panels of sci-fi and fantasy authors, and each afternoon  presenters will dive deep into a range of issues and ideas!

To read our full programming schedule, please click here.

A link to our main programming will be sent out via email for those who have registered via Eventbrite. To register for our events via Eventbrite, visit our page here! If you did not register, do not worry! You will be able to check out the full programming schedule on our WOTS website. From there, you can select which panels you’re most interested in and head over to our YouTube channel. 

There is no registration needed for viewing, simply click the video and watch! You will, however, need to make a YouTube account if you’d like to leave comments or ask the panelists questions during the livestream.

If you miss a panel you’re interested in, all of them will be available for later viewing on our YouTube channel.

Each day of the week leading up to festival weekend, a select amount of Exhibitors will be partaking in a variety of segments such as Q&As, readings, live demonstrations and more! Three featured Exhibitors will join us for 15-minute back-to-back sessions during the hour, and WOTS attendees will get a chance to ask questions and learn more about the titles and organization our Digital Marketplace has to offer this year. Tune in each evening at 6:00pm starting September 21 running through to September 25 on our Instagram to learn more, or check out our full Exhibitor offerings at!

This year, our Digital Marketplace will be hosted on! It is fully digital, allowing for attendees to easily browse through all of our Exhibitors with a few simple clicks.

Tips for navigating the Digital Marketplace:

  • Filtering: Select a category which interests you. Under the category, you may also select the “filter” option which will give you more ways to specify your search. Click this and check off tags which apply to your search.
  • Search Bar: In the top right corner, you are able to search Exhibitor names or title names. If you’re looking for a specific book or product, you may type it into the search bar to find which booth has it in stock!
  • Purchasing: If you’d like to purchase from multiple booths, please note that you may only check out from one shop at a time before moving onto another.
  • Pick up vs. Delivery: If you are selecting a “pick up” option from a booth, double check their business address to make sure they’re in your area!

To help preserve the interactive spirit of WOTS, we’ve set up a social space in Discord. It includes several “rooms” (also called channels), where you will be able to chat with others via text, voice or video. Our Discord will open for Festival discussion on September 21st, 2020. You will be able to engage in a variety of ways, including asking questions about products or missions to Exhibitors, discussing panels or livestreams with other attendees, or asking active panelists further questions. 

You can either use Discord in your browser or you can download the app for your computer or phone. A Discord invitation will be sent out with the announcement of our Digital Marketplace opening, and will be available again once our main programming begins.

If you have an existing Discord account, you should only have to click on the invitation link.

If you are new to Discord, follow these steps:

  • After clicking on the invitation link link, a Discord pop up will appear. Click the purple button “Continue to Discord”
  • A pop up will ask you to “Accept Invite”.
  • If you need to set up a NEW Discord account, follow the instructions for registering a new account.
  • At the end of the process a screen will appear that says “Continue to Discord.” Click this button.


Once in Discord:

Discord allows for text, audio, and video chat. The rooms (aka channels) are listed in the left hand menu. You can manage your settings by clicking the gear next to your name in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, and this is also where you can mute your mic or deafen any audio that you don’t want to hear. Check out Discord’s Beginner’s Guide here!

If you have any questions, please contact us in Discord for immediate assistance or via email at (but email may take longer!)